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Council tax rates and bandings

The council tax for West Lancashire Borough Council for the average Band D property in 2017/18 will be £191.76 per year or £3.96 a week.

Your council tax bill goes towards providing funding for a range of local authorities.

Just under 12% of the total council tax bill comes to the Borough Council. The total council tax bill includes charges from Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire Constabulary.  The council tax for some areas will also include a parish council precept.

The council tax amounts for 'average' Band D properties (excluding parish council precepts) are set out below.

  2016/17 2017/18 Change
West Lancashire Borough Council


£191.76 2.68%
Lancashire County Council £1,174.86 £1,221.74

Lancashire Combined Fire Authority

£65.50 £65.50 0.00%

Lancashire Police Authority

£162.22 £165.45 1.99%


£1,587.34 £1,644.45 3.47%


For details on the changes in council tax levels for all of the main local authorities in West Lancashire:

For details on the total council tax amounts payable for different areas and council tax bands:

For details on the income raised by each authority through council tax: 

The leaflets below give further council tax information for the current year and the previous year.

Spending plans

In 2017/18 the council proposes to spend a total of £84.925 million on providing day to day services for the local community. This spending will be funded by £78.330 million of income raised through grants, rents, business rates, interest, fees, charges and other sources resulting in a council tax requirement of £6.595 million.

Planned spending

  2017/18 Gross spending £'000 2017/18 Net spending £'000 2016/17 Gross spending £'000 2016/17 Net spending £'000
Central services 6,900 3,186 7,042 3,404
Cultural and related services 3,724 3,595 3,682 3,411
Environmental services 7,596 5,335 7,487 5,693
Highways, roads and transport services 688 45 961 66
Housing services 49,825 -7,344 50,062 -7,173
Planning and development 4,345 997 3,865 1,091
Interest paid and investment income 3,620 2,809 3,932 3,058
General grants and business rates 8,227 -6,333 9,627 -6,530
Other items - 4,305 - 3,334
Total 84,925 6,595 86,658 6,354


The council’s net budget requirement of £12.927m will be funded 52% from the council tax, 23% from retained business rates income and 25% by general government grants.


If you have a query about the council tax band given to your property, you need to contact the Valuation Office Agency (external link) or call 03000 501 501.