Management of the Council

Around 600 people work for the Council, making us one of the borough's biggest employers.

The Council delivers a wide range of services for people living and working in West Lancashire including housing, planning, refuse and recycling collections, leisure, environmental health and economic development.

Jacqui Sinnott Lacey Director of Housing and Inclusion ServicesChief Operating Officer – Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey


Responsible for overall management of Council and representing the Council on outside bodies.


Chris Twomey

Corporate Director of Transformation, Housing and Resources – Chris Twomey


The Corporate Director of Transformation and Resources leads on Business Intelligence and development, Legal services, Democratic Services, Finance, Audit & Procurement, Estates & Valuations, HR and Organisational Development, Customer Experience and Communications and Engagement.

Head of Finance, Procurement and Commercial Property – James Pierce


Legal and Democratic Services Manager – Kay Lovelady                                


The Legal & Democratic Services Manager is the Council's Monitoring Officer (Statutory Officer) and responsible for ensuring the Council operates good governance. They are also responsible for matters relating to the conduct of Councillors and Officers and is responsible for the operation of the Council's Constitution.

They are a solicitor and the senior legal officer within the Council. They are responsible for managing Legal and Democratic Services including Elections, Civic responsibilities and administration of Council Meetings.



 Further information

For information about senior officers' salaries, visit the open data page.