Management of the Council

Around 609 people work for the Council, making us one of the borough's biggest employers.

The Council delivers a wide range of services across the whole of West Lancashire including housing, planning, refuse and recycling collections, leisure, environmental health and economic development.Kim Webber 2

Chief Executive

 Kim Webber 


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Heads of Service

Jacqui Sinnott Lacey Director of Housing and Inclusion ServicesDirector of Housing and Inclusion Services: Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey 
Email: Jacqui Sinnott-Lacey                                                

Housing policy and strategy housing options, estate management/regeneration rent and money advice, sheltered housing, property management, asset management, caretaking, home care link, communication, consultation, partnership and performance, customer services, digital, strategy/efficiency reviews, BTLS client, private sector housing, homelessness.


Director of Development and Regeneration Services: John HarrisonJohn Harrison

Economic development, estates and evaluation, technical services, sustainable drainage, Ormskirk market, off street parking, planning policy, development management, planning enforcement, building control, heritage and conservation, trees and landscaping, environmental strategy, street naming and numbering, planning support, arts development.


Heidi McDougallDirector of Leisure and Environment Services: Heidi McDougall

Street scene strategy, transport, fleet maintenance, street cleaning, grounds maintenance, gardening, refuse and recyclables collections, commercial waste collections, bulky collections, weighbridge and transfer facility. Leisure, health and wellbeing strategy, environmental protection, public protection, licensing, commercial safety, corporate health and safety, community safety, emergency planning.


Borough Solicitor: Terry BroderickTerry Broderick

Legal services, land charges, procurement, member services, civic services, member development, administration, elections.                  


Borough Treasurer: Marc Taylor

Accountancy, treasury management, audit, insurance, risk management, human resources, payroll client.     

Further information

For information about senior officers' salaries, visit the open data page.