The Mayor

Mayoral update

The Mayor and Mayoress are now attending civic functions.

The Mayor

The Mayor

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the Council appoints a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor from among the 54 Council Members.  

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and their Mayoresses/consorts, attend a variety of civic functions during the year to represent West Lancashire.  

The current Mayor is Cllr Gordon Johnson, who represents Derby ward. He will serve as Mayor until May 2022.      

The Deputy Mayor is Cllr Mrs Marilyn Westley who represents Aughton Park ward.  

Mayor's charities

One of the other important roles the Mayor has is to raise money for their chosen charities. This year's fundraising efforts will help the Birchwood Centre, St. Anne's Scouts and Guides, and the Alfie Lund Fund.

How to invite the Mayor to an event

If you're interested in inviting the Mayor or Deputy Mayor to attend an official event - please fill in the Mayoral Engagement Form below.

Please contact the Mayor's Office by email - if you require any further assistance.

Mayoral engagements

To find details of the events the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are attending in the current week, visit the news page.