FoI: Charges for information requests

Some information is available free, but for some there may be a charge. Charges vary according to type of information requested.  

Freedom of Information charges

If you are making a request for information that is not readily available or through this website, then you may be charged a fee. FOI requests which will cost less than £450 to answer will be free of charge (please note: we may charge for the cost of postage, photocopying and so on). The £450 cost is based on a calculation of time at £25 per hour of officer time. If you refuse to pay the fee, the Council can refuse to supply the information.

If your request will cost more than this to satisfy, the Council can either:

  • refuse to answer your request  
  • answer it for free  
  • or charge up to and including the full cost of answering  

Accessing information via this website, by email or in person

Accessing information via the website, having it sent by email, or viewing it in person is free of charge, unless otherwise stated. Copies of printed material are also free of charge, unless otherwise stated. For other items, we will let you know any charge at the time you ask.

Appeals against charges

You can appeal to the Information Commissioner if you think the charge you have received for the information is unfair. Contact the FOI Compliance Team (complaints), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF or visit the Information Commissioner's website (external link) for more information.