FoI: How to request information

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to ask to see, or to be provided with, a copy of any information we hold (subject to certain exemptions).  


For Freedom of Information


All requests for information under FOI must be made in writing. This can be via:



For environmental information


Please read the Environmental Information page.  


For personal information


Please see the Privacy and Data Protection page.  


In all cases


In all cases, please clearly state what information you are requesting and in what format you would like the information. Though there is no limit to the scope of the information you may request, please note that the council may have the right to refuse requests under the Act's exemptions. In cases where the council holds only some of the information requested, we will respond as fully as we can. Should we need to redirect an enquiry to some other public authority you will be informed of this immediately.  


When will you get a response?


The council will normally be required to respond to your request within 20 working days from the date of receipt. However, this period can be extended in certain circumstances.   If there is a charge for the information, then the 20 working days will stop whilst payment is made. If the payment is not made within three months, we will not proceed with the request.   If we refuse to give you all or part of the information, we will write to you explaining why. The reason will be based on the exceptions in the regulations.


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