Council land and property for sale

The Development and Regeneration Service are delivering an ambitious Strategic Asset Management Plan which details the Council's priorities and explains how land and property decisions are made.

The plan provides a framework to create a focused and sustainable property portfolio for the future. The borough of West Lancashire is currently being mapped ward by ward with a view to appraising the assets in the Council's ownership.

Available land

Are you thinking of building your own house but are unable to find suitable land? The Council is searching through its land holdings and from time to time some plots which are suitable for domestic dwellings may become available. Details will be published on this web page.

Self and custom build register

The government wants to enable more people to build or commission their own home and requires local authorities to identify a range of suitable development sites. To help inform the level of demand for self build/custom build in West Lancashire, we are asking people to join our register.

To find out more and to join the register visit the self and custom build register page.