Health and Safety

The Council's Health and Safety Service is responsible for health and safety at work regulation in many workplaces in West Lancashire including offices, shops, places of entertainment and leisure services, warehouses, catering businesses and consumer services.

Our aim is to protect the health, safety and welfare of people working in West Lancashire and to safeguard others who may be exposed to risks from such activities. Using statutory guidance issued by the Health and Safety executive, our proactive work is focused on delivering interventions to those activities and business that are given priority. This priority is determined using national data collated by the Health and Safety Executive and any local regulatory, accident and complaint statistics. The work we aim to do in 2019/20 is detailed in our Service Plan (PDF, 336Kb).

COVID-19: Advice for Business

During the outbreak, all businesses must comply with relevant Regulations in relation to COVID-19. They must also ensure that they have robust risk assessment in place based on the government guidance to ensure they are operating in a 'Covid-Secure', safe way to protect their staff, customers and others. Risk assessments must be reviewed and updated regularly. The Council has some more information on it's Business Support pages. Specific advice is also available from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

COVID-19: Legionella Risks Following Coronavirus Closure

Legionella is a bacteria that likes growing in warm stagnant water.  If legionella grows in water and then gets into the air in a fine spray (aerosol) and is breathed in, it can lead to serious illnesses like Legionnaires Disease.  Legionella could have grown in places like pipes, tanks and pools while your premises has been partly or fully closed. You must ensure that if you are a dutyholder (e.g. landlord or employer) that legionella risk is controlled to prevent people from becoming ill.

Controls include

  • Water systems should be run regularly (weekly) to avoid stagnation. If water has been left standing for some time, be very careful to avoid activities that produce aerosols (e.g. showers and jet washing) until the system is flushed through at each outlet.
  • Risk can be reduced through cleaning and maintenance of systems (e.g. reducing dead legs in pipes).
  • Risk can be managed through chemical disinfection (e.g. pools, spas and ornamental features) or heat disinfection (e.g. heating systems) in some water systems where safe and appropriate. Follow manufacturer's instructions.
  • Review your premises systems and procedures to identify and manage risk

Further information

Health and Safety Complaints

Regulation of Health and Safety at Work is split between Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Council. Some more information about health and safety responsibilities can be found here and we recommend you review this link prior to submitting a health and safety complaint to us. Complaints about health and safety at work can be made to the Service at this link

Health and Safety Advice

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) webpages have a wealth of useful guidance and information on health and safety topics, including a health and safety toolbox for businesses (external link) 

Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel

The Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel provides an independent means for any person (whether companies or individuals) to complain about the actions of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or Local Authority health and safety regulators.

Complaints may only be referred to the Panel if they have first been raised locally and it has not been possible to resolve the matter.

The Panel will not consider complaints from companies or individuals subject to statutory notices or prosecution by HSE or Local Authority health and safety regulators as they have recourse to employment tribunals or the courts respectively, which provide such an established and proper mechanism of appeal. Equally it will not deal with determinations on enforcement action subject to Primary Authority arrangements as there is an existing process to follow.

Details of the Panel are available at the HSE website (external link) along with the terms of reference (external link).

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