Licensed premises gaming machine permits

Important Information

We can issue licensed premises gaming machine permits for three or more category C or D machines (see below for details), providing that the applicant is the person named on the licence (issued under the Licensing Act 2003) and that they pay the prescribed fee.

We may also take into account any other matters which are considered relevant to the application, such as having regard to our Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy on licensed premises gaming machine permits.

There is an automatic entitlement to make two gaming machines or less available for use in alcohol licensed premises. To take advantage of this entitlement the person who holds the liquor licence, issued under the Licensing Act 2003, must give notice to us of their intention to make two or less gaming machines available for use, and must pay the prescribed fee of £50.

Applications must be made by the person or organisation who holds the Licensing Act 2003 “on premises” alcohol licence for the premises where the permit application is being made for. The premises must be within our authority boundary.

However, an application may not be made if a premises licence, issued under the Gambling Act, is already in effect at the premises.


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