Taxi licensing

COVID-19 precautions: significant changes have been made to the Council's licensing services in response to the outbreak. Where possible, relaxations have been introduced to support local business whilst maintaining safeguards. Where applications are still being processed, all parties are encouraged to submit applications and supporting information electronically to avoid potential delay.

We have prepared a summary (PDF, 655Kb) of the implications for all licences to assist applicants, licence holders and interested parties.

We have also prepared a Covid 19 Basic Guide explicitly for the taxi trade within West Lancashire.

To help drivers and operators of taxis and private hire vehicles stay safe, prevent the spread of coronavirus, and ensure passengers are well informed the Department For Transport (DfT) has produced sector-specific guidance for the taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) industry. You can access this guidance on GOV.UK by clicking here

In addition the DfT also publishes messages, produces assets and resources for assisting the transport sector during Covid 19. They have now created a specific section relating to Taxi and PHV's which can be accessed by clicking here

More information can be obtained from the Licensing Service at 01695 585015 or 


The Council's Taxi Licensing Service deals with essentially 3 types of application - drivers, vehicles and operators.

Both drivers and vehicles are split into either private hire or hackney carriage with separate rules governing each. Operators fall under Private Hire and so there is no facility for a Hackney Carriage Operator Licence.

Covid-19 precautions: Please note that we have changed our application processes in response to the outbreak. More detail is provided in the links below.


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An appointment is required to process all new taxi licence applications and all renewal applications of existing licences. Appointments can be made online using the link below or by calling 01695 577177.