How contract award decisions are made

We try to make the decision making process as fair as possible, and generally base tender decisions on the following criteria:

Most economically advantageous tender

This is the method by which other factors apart from price are brought into consideration. Lowest price is not always the best option and tenders will be assessed to determine which offers the "most economically advantageous tender".

Scoring matrix

Tenders are scored in accordance with the criteria and weightings shown in the invitation to tender documents. The outcome of the scoring process is a ranking of the tender.

Interviews and presentations

Tenderers are sometimes invited for interviews and may be required to make presentations in support of their bids. This gives your company and the Council the opportunity to make sure that every aspect of the tender has been understood and also allows you and the Council to establish whether we will be able to work together constructively in achieving the objectives of the contract.

Reporting mechanism

The decision to award a contract to a particular company does not rest solely with the officers involved in the tender evaluation. Their Chief Officer must also confirm the decision. For high value or especially significant contracts, the decision will also include Elected Members. At any stage the tender process is open to scrutiny by the Council's Internal Audit section.


All unsuccessful tenderers will be advised that their bid was unsuccessful. Further information can be provided to unsuccessful tenderers upon request.

For more information, please contact a member of the Purchasing team.