Dog fouling

We take dog fouling very seriously. With over 600 bins in the borough and 'no fouling' signs and stencils, there is no excuse not to clean up after your dog.

Public Space Protection Order - (West Lancashire Borough Council) 2020

The above order has come into force on under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014. This order supersedes the previous order from 2017 will cover every location across West Lancashire.

If dog owners do not clear up after their pet, they will be issued with a fixed penalty of £75.00 and may be prosecuted.

How to report a dog fouling problem

You can report a dog fouling problem in two ways: 

We investigate dog fouling complaints and take a hard line against offenders. However, as our officers have to witness the offence before a fixed penalty notice can be served, it can be difficult for our officers to catch the culprit, particularly as a dog fouling offence can occur very quickly. 

Therefore when you make a complaint, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and also keep a log of when you have seen any fouling incidents. We will use this information to target offenders to improve the chances of catching those responsible. So when you need to make a complaint about dog fouling, please help us to investigate your complaint by providing as much information as you can, such as:

  • The location of the fouling 
  • The dates or times when dogs are seen to foul 
  • Details of the breed, colour and size of the dog 
  • Any information regarding the dog's owner 

If you can't provide this information, it will greatly reduce our chances of catching offenders. In these circumstances, your complaint will be dealt with as part of our routine patrols.


Dog waste can be disposed of in dog waste bins or litter bins which are currently located in the most popular dog walking locations across the borough. It is not possible to provide a bin at every location however, the following criteria is considered before bins are installed:

  • No of dog fouling complaints received for the area
  • Areas of high footfall
  • Health & safety considerations

If you notice that a waste bin is damaged you can report it to us:

Cleaning up dog fouling

Our Clean and Green team are responsible for removing dog fouling in public places. You can request a clean-up:


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