Smoke control FAQs

Q. I have or intend to buy a wood burner, what do I need to know?

A. Before you buy your wood burner ensure that it is on the list of authorised wood burners, your supplier will be able to advise you of this. You can also visit the UK Smoke control areas website (external link) or the Solid fuel website (external link) for a full list of all authorised wood burning appliances.

Wood burner installation requires building regulation consent – visit Building Control for more information.

If you already have a wood burner, ensure that the wood you are using is well seasoned and is kept dry at all times. Burning wet or unseasoned wood is inefficient and will cause unnecessary smoke emissions causing a harmful build up of deposits in the chimney.

Q. I have a coal fire, what can or can’t I do?

A. It is an offence to use ordinary coal in a smoke control area. You may still use your fireplace but you need to use a smokeless fuel. Smokeless fuels can be obtained through your local registered coal merchant.

Q. I live in a smoke control area but am bothered by smoke nuisance from a chimney, can I complain?

A. Yes, you can contact our Environment Protection team and they will investigate the complaint on your behalf. Tel: 01695 577177 ext. 5648 or use the online form below.