General and product information

Asbestos cement is primarily a cement based product where approx 10-15% w/w asbestos fibres are added to reinforce the cement. This product was used for corrugated sheets found in garages and sheds, slates, moulded fittings, soffits, rainwater gutters and downpipes, drainages pipes, sills, fascias etc.

Asbestos cement and its removal/disposal does not have to be carried out by a licensed contractor so a householder has the option to carry out this work themselves.

Download an advice leaflet:

Removing asbestos yourself

When handled correctly, it will not present a significant health risk. The following general advice should be followed if a householder decides to carry out the work:

  • If it is in good condition the best option may be to leave it alone. Painting the surface with an oil based paint or PVA emulsion will help to seal and protect the asbestos surface from weathering. 
  • Wear protective clothing - disposable overall with hood, disposable face mask (for use with asbestos) and disposable gloves. 
  • Damp down the asbestos sheets using a hosepipe ensuring that the product is soaked thoroughly. 
  • If possible remove the asbestos sheets intact, if this is not possible break the sheets, never use any power tools or saws, as this will release fibres into atmosphere. 
  • Place the asbestos in a strong polythene bag, tie it off and then place in a second polythene bag. This is known as double bagging. (Bags can be obtained from the Waste Reception Facility accepting the asbestos waste). Any protective clothing worn must be treated as waste and placed with the asbestos for disposal. 

Where to dispose of asbestos

One household recycling centre in West Lancashire accepts small quantities of asbestos cement, this is:

  • Burscough, Abbey Lane (opposite Bull and Dog Pub) 

If you are using a van or trailer to carry the waste in, you may need to notify the Waste Authority first by telephone 0845 0500957.