Pollution control

Importance of controlling Pollution

The Environmental Protection section deals with complaints from the public about a wide range of issues that can affect people's health. These issues include noise, smoke, refuse, fumes, odour and dust. All complaints are investigated fully following the section's standard procedures and where possible steps are always taken to minimise or abate problems. 

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We also act as a consultee to the Planning and Development Services division and make comments relevant to noise, odour and contaminated land on applications received. The purpose of this is to attempt to ensure that new developments or changes of use do not cause any detriment to existing residents or that existing issues will not affect new properties. For example, for new properties built near a busy road an assessment will be made as to whether or not the road will affect the property, if it will, measures will be required to prevent or reduce the effect of the road. The section deals over 400 consultations with each year.

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