Food Safety Complaints

What we investigate

The Environmental Health (Food and Safety) Team investigates complaints made about food purchases and food premises.

We can investigate the following food safety concerns:

  • Concerns about poor food safety practices and conditions in food businesses in our area.
  • Concerns about safety of foods obtained from businesses in our area including:

- Food which has caused food poisoning or has become contaminated

- Food containing foreign bodies e.g. glass, metal, wood, insects etc

- Food that is past its 'use-by' date 

We can't deal with:

  • Food purchased outside the borough 
  • Complaints about food quality e.g. over ripe vegetables and fruits 
  • False descriptions or inappropriate labelling of food and drink. These are dealt with by Lancashire County Council's Trading Standards (external link) 
  • Any claims for compensation or refunds. 
  • Food which is past its 'best before' date.  

What to do when you discover a problem with food or drink

  • Check our list of common food complaints (PDF 23kb) to see what is the most appropriate course of action 
  • Keep possession of the food and keep any receipts, labels and packaging materials 
  • Try to preserve the food or drink in its original condition. Store perishable foods in the fridge or freezer until it is collected by us or until you can bring it to the Council Offices 

Food complaints outside the borough

If the item wasn't bought in the West Lancashire area and you aren't sure which authority to contact, please use this page (external link), to help identify the correct Local Authority Environmental Health team.

Complaint procedure

Please report your food safety concern here 

The outcome and length of time it takes to investigate a complaint will depend on the circumstances. We will keep you informed of any information we receive and action taken if appropriate. If any legal action is taken then this may involve you giving a witness statement and giving evidence in court. We do not investigate all complaints. 

If you would like further advice, please contact a member of the Food and Safety Team on 01695 577177 or email 


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