Live Bivalve Molluscs / Live Shellfish

The Council has responsibility for cockle and mussel beds, which are located in the estuary to the North of the borough. Working with partners in the North West Shellfish Liaison Group, we work to ensure that the shellfish can be harvested efficiently and in accordance with relevant legislation and statutory guidance.

Our responsibilities predominantly relate to classification and routine sampling of the beds, as well as the issue and control of registration documents to registered gatherers, including fishing vessels that harvest live bivalve molluscs.

Registration documents

In consultation with the North West Shellfish Liaison Group, we operate a Live Bivalve Mollusc Registration Policy (PDF, 100Kb), which outlines its requirements for registration documents for the harvesting of live bivalve molluscs. 

When any shellfish bed is open, registration documents can be obtained from the Council. Requests must be submitted in writing to using the application form (PDF, 39Kb), or by submitting the same information by email.

Registration documents will be issued and controlled in accordance with the above Policy. Requests will be processed as soon as possible and registration forms will be sent by post. Requests for registration documents should be submitted well in advance of the bed opening date to ensure sufficient time for the documents to be posted. Registration forms will NOT be available directly from the fishery site.

Registered agents may also require copies of the express agreement (PDF, 26Kb) and/or list of gatherers (PDF, 22Kb).


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