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Street cleansing and grounds maintenance

We undertake the removal of litter and fly tipping from public places that the council is responsible for, such as streets, parks, playgrounds and pedestrianised areas.

We recognise how strongly local people feel about street cleansing - and that the environmental quality of the area where you live is maintained. As a result, we are improving this service all the time. Some of the services we carry out include:

  • Litter picking 
  • Road and footpath sweeping 
  • Grass cutting and flower bed maintenance on council land 
  • Removing fly tipping 
  • Removing animal remains in certain circumstances 
  • Graffiti removal in certain areas 
  • Bonfire clearances 
  • Clearing dog fouling

You can report problems online use the Refuse and Recycling Enquiry form. Or for more information about street cleaning, or to report any problems, please call 01695 577177 or email customer.services@westlancs.gov.uk.

Grounds maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance team is responsible for the maintenance of the landscaped areas within the borough, which includes flowerbeds, shrub bed areas, hanging baskets and parks. This team also carry out sports marking and maintenance of the football pitches on public recreational areas.

Due to the possible dangerous condition of some trees on public land within the borough - including large broken branches or decay - a tree maintenance programme is carried out where suspected trees will be assessed and appropriate action taken.