Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Importance of Food Hygiene

West Lancashire Borough Council operates the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. The purpose of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is to allow customers to make more informed choices about where they choose to buy and eat food.  Food businesses that are eligible are awarded a Food Hygiene Rating at the time of their food hygiene inspection based on their compliance in three areas of food hygiene:

  • Structure and cleaning
  • Food safety practices and procedures
  • Food safety management

Businesses will be awarded a Rating from '0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary' to '5 - Very Good' based on their compliance with food safety legislation. Anyone can search for Food Hygiene Ratings in West Lancashire at this link (external).

More information on the scheme can be found on the FSA website (external).

How to Improve a Food Hygiene Rating

Food businesses will receive a written report following their food safety inspection, which tells them what legal requirements need to be put in place and therefore how they can improve their Food Hygiene Rating. 

A new Food Hygiene Rating will be issued at the time of the next food safety inspection, but businesses can also request a Food Hygiene Rating Revisit by completing and submitting this form.  

Disagree with a Rating?

Food businesses also have the right to appeal within 21 days of notification of their Rating and a right to reply and information about these safeguards is provided on the inspection report and via the contact details below. It is recommended that businesses discuss their Rating with the inspecting officer prior to submitting an appeal. 

New Businesses

New businesses will appear on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme website as 'Awaiting Inspection'. Businesses registered at a domestic premises will only display a trading as name and postcode. Food businesses must register with the Council to be awarded a Food Hygiene Rating.


Not all food businesses are eligible for a Food Hygiene Rating, e.g. those that don't supply the final customer. 


If you would like further advice, please contact a member of the Food and Safety Team on 01695 577177 or email 

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