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Contact the housing teams

Rent Recovery

Our Rent Recovery team manage tenants' rent accounts and deal with arrears and other rent issues.
Email: rentsteam@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585252

Rent and Money Advice

Our Rent and Money Advice Team provide confidential advice and assistance about debt, budgeting and claiming welfare benefits.
Email: rentsandmoneyadvice@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585230 or 585250

Housing Options

Our Housing Options team deal with the processing and assessment of applications for council accommodation. Email: housingoptions@westlancs.gov.uk Tel: 01695 585271

Estate Management

Our Estate Management team provide general advice to tenants and deal with estate and tenancy issues.
Email: emt@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585357

Voids and Allocations

Our Voids and Allocations team manage empty properties and sign up new tenancies.
Email: voidsandallocationsteam@westlancs.gov.uk 
Tel: 01695 585297

Tenant Involvement 

Our Tenant Involvement team are here to make sure tenants are given the opportunity to influence and make recommendations on housing services.
Email: tenantparticipation@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585184

Sheltered Housing

Our sheltered housing team provide support to those tenants who live in sheltered accommodation.
Email: shelteredhousing@westlancs.gov.uk

Postal address for all of the above: Elson House, 49 Westgate, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 8LP