Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your council tenancy please follow the advice below. Remember to:

  • Give 4 weeks' notice unless you are transferring to another West Lancashire Borough Council tenancy. This can be done by visiting one of our Customer Service Points or by telephoning 01695 577177
  • Any alterations or improvements made without our written permission must be reinstated to the original condition unless approved by our Surveyor during their inspection
  • Ensure the property is clean
  • Remove all of your belongings from the property, garden and any communal areas
  • Clear your loft and any outbuildings
  • Return two sets of keys including any communal door keys. These should be returned to our Customer Service Point no later than 10 am on the day your notice expires.
  • Replace any fixtures damaged during the term of your tenancy for example doors and kitchen units.

When we receive notice from you, we will arrange for a Surveyor to inspect your property. You will be advised of any repairs which are your responsibility and will have the opportunity to put things right before you leave.

Recharge costs

If you leave any items in the property or garden, or leave the property in poor condition, you will be charged for the cost of us putting things right. Costs vary, but here are some examples for guidance.

  • Replacing an internal door - approximately £52.00
  • Leaving a small amount of rubbish in the property or externally - approximately £102.00
  • Leaving large items in the property or garden - approximately £206.00
  • Leaving carpets, vinyl flooring - approximately £206.00
  • Leaving a fridge/freezer in the property or garden - approximately - Disposal cost-£96.00

As you can see from the above charges, it is very important that you leave your property and garden completely free from rubbish and belongings when you hand in your keys.


Rent is due up to the date your notice expires, even if you move out beforehand. If your keys are not returned by 10 am on the day your notice expires, we will gain access to the property and change the locks straightaway.

Housing benefit

If you are in receipt of housing benefit, it is likely that this will be cancelled when you move out, so if you leave before the date your tenancy ends, you may have to pay full rent from that date. If you have any queries regarding your housing or council tax benefit, you should contact the housing  benefits team for further advice.

Meter readings

For your own benefit, please make arrangements for final readings to be taken by the companies who supply your gas and electricity. You should also contact your telephone company and United Utilities to inform them of your intended vacation. Their telephone numbers will be on any bills that they have sent to you.