Get Money Fit

Feeling stressed, anxious, tired and worried about money and work?

West Lancs Council, along with many of our partner organisations can support those living in West Lancs to GET MONEY FIT!

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Being money fit can:

  • Help with mental health
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Help you become more focused
  • Help you manage your money

If you:

  • Struggle to have enough money at the end of the week
  • need to decide who to pay first when it comes to bills
  • would like help getting the best deals on your bills; insurance, gas, electric etc
  • are struggling with debt and are getting behind with payments and do not know where to turn
  • need help getting employment

Then go to our service directory to view the help and support that is available

 If you are a council tenant email for support.

Budgeting tool

The first vital step in taking control of your finances is to create your own personal budget plan. Click here to access our user friendly budget planner - it's free to use and should only take minutes to complete.