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Tenants' rights

Council tenants have a number of rights, which are listed below.


You have the right to get repairs done on time. In some cases, you have a legal ‘right to repair’ – see our repairs and improvements pages for more information

You have the right to carry out your own improvements; however, you must get the Council’s agreement in writing before carrying out the work

Your home

Every council tenant has the right to live peacefully and without disturbance from their neighbours or visitors. The Estate Management Team will give you help and advice if you report nuisance or harassment.

Tenant involvement

You have the right to join a Tenants’ and Residents’ Association or to start one if there is not an existing one in your area. You have the right to have your say on how your estate/area is managed.

Moving home

You have the right to apply to move to another council home.
Download the allocations policy (PDF 252kb) to see how council properties are offered.
You have the right to swap your home with another tenant of the Council, a housing association or another local council.

Access to information

You have the right to see any information we hold about you, your partner or your family.
You have the right to look at all policy and practice guides produced and followed by the Council.
You have the right to be consulted on any major changes in the Council’s housing service, which may affect you.