Market traders' information

Ormskirk Market operates on a self-set-up basis with traders providing and erecting their own stalls on designated pitches as allocated by the Council's Market staff.

The current charge is £27.50 per 3m (10ft) x 4.5m (15ft) pitch per day for permanent licensed traders and £33.00 for casual traders, whilst an electricity supply is £3.00 per stall per day.

Applying to trade on Ormskirk Market

If you’re interested in trading on Ormskirk Market you need to register your interest with us. You can do this by:

Once we receive notification of your interest we will contact you directly.

When a suitable vacancy arises you will be required to complete a detailed application form and provide the following:

  • One passport size photo of yourself
  • Proof of identity e.g. passport or picture driving licence
  • Documentation confirming your address, e.g. council tax bill
  • Proof that you have public liability insurance cover with a minimum value of £5m
  • Confirmation that you and any employees are legally eligible to work in the UK

It is normal practice for all traders to stand as casual traders before being granted a licence to trade on a permanent basis. To avoid overloading the market with the same type of products, applications may not be accepted from traders if it results in too many of the same products being sold. If there are no vacancies available you will be added to a waiting list. New traders should not attend the market unless requested to do so.

Data protection is important to us. Information on how we handle and protect your data including our Corporate Privacy Policy can be found here.

Market Trader's Code of Practice

The Market Traders' Code of Practice includes the Market Regulations and sets out how trading will be conducted on Ormskirk market.

A copy of the regulations is available by downloading Market Regulations (PDF, 261kb)