The Local Plan Review

Local Plan Review Ceased

Work on the Local Plan Review stopped in September 2019.  Instead, we are now preparing a new Local Plan to cover 2023-2040

We worked on a review of the 2012 Local Plan from 2016 to 2019.  However, in September 2019, the Council's Cabinet made the decision to cease work on the Local Plan Review (LPR).  The work done on the LPR, including the different stages, is described below.  Whilst the LPR (including the 'Preferred Options' consulted upon in autumn 2018) has been withdrawn, some of the work will remain relevant and may feed into the new Local Plan.


Scope of the Local Plan Review

Local plans can address a wide variety of subjects. Some matters apply nationally (e.g. providing enough housing); some apply only to selected areas (e.g. student housing).  Planning policies don't just cover land use - they aim to improve places for people, for example by enabling healthy lifestyles, or improving work opportunities; they should also help improve the environment.

We consulted on the 'scope' of the LPR in spring 2017. 


Issues and Options

We used our 'evidence base' data to identify issues facing West Lancashire. We then set out a range of possible options to address weaknesses and threats, or to build upon strengths and opportunities. We prepared five 'Issues and Options' papers and consulted on these in spring 2017.


Preferred Options

We consulted on the LPR Preferred Options in autumn 2018.