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Preferred Options

The Preferred Options Document and Plans

The Local Plan Review Preferred Options have been developed by considering the information in our evidence base, and the results of previous public consultation on the Scope, Issues and Options for a new Local Plan. They also take into account the latest government policy, most notably the recently revised National Planning Policy Framework.

Plans of the proposed allocations can be found in the Appendix of the Preferred Options document.  To view larger, more readable plans for the individual sites please use the link below.

You may also find it useful to read frequently asked questions about the Local Plan Review. 

Supporting documents and evidence

You can also view the consultation documents at the following venues: Council Reception, Ormskirk; Customer Service Point, Concourse, Skelmersdale; Ormskirk Library, Burscough Library, Parbold Library; Skelmersdale Library, Tarleton Library.The Local Plan Review Preferred Options document.

Evidence base

  • View all the evidence supporting the Preferred Options document

You may wish to use the evidence base documents to support your comments on the Local Plan Review's policies and site allocations.  If you wish to comment on an evidence base document without any reference to the Local Plan Review's content, please use the Comments Proforma (PDF, 175kb)


Give us your views online

The easiest way to give us your comments is online. Please make sure you submit your comments against the relevant policy, or site, that you wish to comment on.

Alternatively, you can download a comments proforma and return it to us using the address on the form.


Consultation events

Do you have questions on the Local Plan Preferred Options? Do you want to find out more about exactly what we are proposing and how or when it will all be delivered?  If so, come and speak to us at our events.

We are holding a number of events across the Borough, with each event running between 10am and 9pm. At each event we will be offering 30 minute appointments, strictly limited to 6 people per appointment. Small groups mean we can try and answer questions from everyone in that group.  You can only book up to two places at a single appointment at any event (e.g. for you and a partner). If more than 2 of you wish to attend, the other people wishing to attend will need to book their own places separately. 

Places MUST be booked in advance.  Bookings will close at midnight on the day before the event. So if you want to attend Monday 29 October, you must book your place by midnight on Sunday 28 October. This is so we can manage numbers for each event.

Sessions will be available to book between 10am and 9pm at each event.

Dates and locations are:

  • Tuesday 23 October - Bickerstaffe Four Lane Ends Mission Hall
  • Wednesday 24 October - Ormskirk Chapel Gallery
  • Monday 29 October – Parbold Village Hall
  • Wednesday 31 October - Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre  
  • Monday 5 November – Tarleton Cricket Club  
  • Wednesday 7 November – Ormskirk Chapel Gallery
  • Tuesday 13 November – Burscough Wharf
  • Wednesday 14 November – Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre
  • Thursday 15 November – Halsall Memorial Hall

Publicity Information

We sent a newspaper wrap/leaflet to homes and businesses in the Borough to publicise the consultation.


What happens next?

Following the close of the Preferred Options consultation, we will consider all the comments we receive and prepare a final draft Local Plan, known as the 'Publication version'. We will invite comments on this, and then submit the Plan and the comments to the government, who will appoint an independent planning inspector to publicly examine the Plan.