Anti social behaviour

West Lancashire Borough Council believes everyone has the right to enjoy their home and live safely and peacefully. We are committed to working with communities and partner agencies such as the Police and Fire service to tackle and prevent Anti-Social Behaviour and neighbour nuisance.

What happens if I report anti-social behaviour ?

Our anti-social behaviour officers will contact you to discuss the report. We will ask you questions about the incident and the events leading up to it, to identify any actions that need to be taken.

An action plan will be agreed with you setting out the following:

  • How the initial investigation will be carried out
  • How you can work with us to provide the necessary evidence (this may include keeping a written or recorded diary)
  • The most appropriate method of resolution, with realistic outcomes
  • How often you will be contacted and your preferred method of communication throughout the case.

We aim to resolve cases quickly and efficiently but anti-social behaviour can be a complex and lengthy process and so it can be difficult to give timescales. We aim to contact all new complainants within 5 working days upon receipt of the complaint.

Examples of what is and isn't Anti-Social Behaviour 

 What we class as Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
  • Hate crime
  • Vandalism and damage to property
  • Nuisance vehicle noise
  • Alcohol related disturbances (if more than a one off event)
  • Domestic abuse or violence (any violence should be reported to the Police in the first instance)
  • Fly-tipping, overgrown gardens or hedges
  • Pet or animal nuisance
  • Misuse of communal areas
  • Loud noise/music (only if noise is persistent)

Noise complaints

For more information on noise issues, or to make a complaint about noise, visit the noise complaints page.

What we DON'T class as Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Household noise due to everyday living (such as babies crying, doors slamming, toilets flushing or vacuuming)
  • Children playing
  • One-off parties, barbecues or celebrations at reasonable times
  • Cooking smells
  • DIY in reasonable hours
  • Someone parked lawfully

Have you discussed the problem with your neighbour?

With all neighbour nuisance complaints we will ask if you have discussed the problem with your neighbour first. Very often, making your neighbour aware of your concerns, in a reasonable manner can resolve problems quickly. It is important to remember once a complaint is made and an investigation begins, a problem may get worse before it gets better.

How to report an incident

You can report anti-social behaviour by:

Calling Customer Services on 01695 577177

Email -

Download Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (PDF 309KB)

Please note if you think your safety or others are at immediate risk you should contact the Police on 999