CCTV Annual Report

In June 2013 the Home Office published the 'Surveillance Camera Code of Practice' (the code). The code was issued under Section 30 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and certain operators of surveillance camera systems, which includes the Council, must consider the guidance in the report.

The code requires that regular reports are published and that we undertake a regular review of our CCTV surveillance system to ensure it remains necessary, proportionate and effective. The review should be on a regular basis, but at least annually.  There is an expectation that published reports will contain information about the review of the locations.

The third annual review 2017/18 was undertaken by the Community Safety Team and the annual report contains a list of the camera locations and comments about the appropriateness of their location. The report states that the camera locations are all considered appropriate at this time. Subsequent reviews will continue to be carried out regularly and each year as a minimum.

Enclosed below is a copy of the initial CCTV annual report for 2013/14 which provides a detailed overview of the CCTV scheme and a copy of the refreshed reports from 2014/15 to 2022/2023:

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner - 5 Year Full Certificationcctv logo

In November 2015 The Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched a scheme that enables organisations complying with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice to be independently audited providing credibility and transparency to claims of compliance. On the 14 June 2016 the Council was awarded full certification which lasts for a period of 5 years.

Obtaining the full 5 year certification demonstrates the Council's compliance with the Surveillance Code of Practice and evidences good practice. Certification also provides reassurance to the community that the Council's public open space CCTV scheme is managed appropriately; the information gathered from the cameras is used in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the Surveillance Code of Practice guidelines.


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