CCTV in West Lancashire

We monitor a borough-wide network of CCTV cameras, 24 hours a day, to ensure that West Lancashire remains a safe place to live and work. There are currently 122 public open space cameras comprising the West Lancashire Borough Council CCTV system.

Why CCTV is so important

CCTV is an important tool in providing evidence, but it plays a more important role of reducing crime and the fear of crime for local communities, and enhancing reassurance for residents, which is one of the Council's top priorities.

CCTV Code of Practice and Privacy

The aim of the CCTV scheme is to provide a safe and secure public environment for the benefit of those who live, work or visit the borough. The approved partners in the CCTV scheme are the Council and its recognised community safety partners, with operational activity principally undertaken by Lancashire Constabulary.

The CCTV scheme is operated within applicable law, and only for the purposes of reducing crime and disorder for which it is established, or purposes which are subsequently agreed in accordance with the code of practice.

The code of practice reflects the Council's investment in upgrading the CCTV scheme and new government guidance on CCTV monitoring.

The Council operates its CCTV public open space cameras with respect to the privacy of individuals. The CCTV software platform allows privacy settings to be installed. The privacy settings enable both live and recorded images to have specific areas blanked out. If you would like to discuss privacy settings in relation to the Councils CCTV cameras please use the contact details on this page.

More information about CCTV can be found in our annual reports which are provided under the heading Related Information on the right of this page.  

cctv logoThe Surveillance Camera Commissioner - 5 Year Full Certification

In November 2015 The Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched a scheme that enables organisations complying with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice to be independently audited providing credibility and transparency to claims of compliance. On the 14 June 2016 the Council was awarded full certification which lasts for a period of 5 years. The Council has been audited and recertified on two occasions, most recently in 2022.

Obtaining the full 5 year certification demonstrates the Council's compliance with the Surveillance Code of Practice and evidences good practice. Certification also provides reassurance to the community that the Council's public open space CCTV scheme is managed appropriately; the information gathered from the cameras is used in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the Surveillance Code of Practice guidelines.

The Council's Privacy Notice (pdf 415kb) in relation to CCTV can be found within the attached PDF