Motorcycle nuisance


The Community Safety Partnership works closely with the Police and other key partners including Trading Standards to help reduce motorcycle nuisance problems in the borough.

The Community Safety Partnership has supported a number of measures including the installation of section 59 signage, the production of leaflets warning of the consequence of riding motorcycles illegally and worked in partnership with Lancashire County Council on the erection of physical barriers to reduce this nuisance behaviour. Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards team also conduct joint visits with Lancashire Constabulary to local petrol stations to promote responsible trading practises throughout Skelmersdale.

Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 allows the police to confiscate motorcycles from anyone who rides their bike illegally and in an inconsiderate or careless manner. The Section 59 signs are erected in targeted areas around Skelmersdale and support the police in dealing with motorcycle nuisance. Anyone who is stopped by a police officer in those areas for breaching the notice risk having their bike seized.  Persistent offenders could also face court action, including an anti-social behaviour order.

The work is undertaken by the Community Safety Partnership to support Lancashire Police’s Operation Click, which works to tackle the problems of motorcycle nuisance across the borough.

Motorbike leaflet

As part of this action, motorcycle riders, or people who sufferer motorcycle nuisance, can now get an advice leaflet which aims to address and educate people on the problems created through nuisance or illegal off-road motorcycles, quad bikes or go-peds.

The leaflet contains:

  • Advice for those who suffer from this type of problem and how they can report incidents
  • Information to inform riders about groups they can get in touch with to ensure they are riding legally
  • The action that police can take if people are caught using their bikes in an anti-social manner
  • Advice for parents
  • Types of offences and the penalties that motorcyclists can incur as a result if they are not a safe/legal rider
  • Vehicle security information

How to get a leaflet