Conservation areas

To help protect places of particular architectural or historic interest, they can be designated as conservation areas. Here in West Lancashire we have 28 conservation areas.

Tree and hedge planting

Residents who live within one of the borough's conservation areas - and local groups and organisations - could be eligible for grants to improve the appearance of their area

Heritage strategy

The Heritage Strategy aims to provide an overview of how we will undertake our duty to preserve the historic environment of the borough and promote awareness of the value of our shared heritage.

Conservation area appraisal reviews and boundary changes

Granville Park Conservation Area

The Council’s Heritage and Environment Section has recently undertaken a review of Granville Park Conservation Area as part of a rolling programme of appraisal work throughout the borough.

Two documents – an Appraisal and a Design Guide were approved by Cabinet on 13 June 2017, following a period of public consultation. The revised character appraisal sets out the historic context of the area, identifies key buildings and features that make it special, and looks at how it can best be managed. A Design Guide for the Granville Park Conservation Area has also been produced to accompany the appraisal. This provides advice for residents in relation to alterations and extensions to properties as well as works within the wider site. Copies of these documents can be downloaded through the links below:

Two recommendations in relation to the Granville Park Conservation Area were also approved by Cabinet on 13 June 2017. These were:

  • To extend the boundary of the Conservation Area to include the former Cockbeck Tavern and the bowling green to the rear.
  • To make a new Article 4 Direction which covers the whole Conservation Area (including the new extension).

A map illustrating the revised conservation area boundary and properties covered by the new Article 4 Direction can be downloaded here:  

The Article 4 Direction Confirmation Notice can be viewed here:

The effects of the Article 4 Direction on the properties it covers are outlined in the table which can be viewed here:

The Article 4 Direction came into force from 10 July 2017 and was confirmed at a cabinet meeting on 7 November 2017.