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Conservation character appraisals

We have an obligation to review, from time to time, the borough's conservation areas and to formulate and publish proposals to ensure they are properly preserved and, wherever possible, enhanced.

By undertaking conservation area reviews, we aim to improve the understanding of the historical context for the area, provide residents with an opportunity to have a say in the 'management' of the area and provide a useful tool to guide future development and planning policies for the area.

Character appraisals are undertaken in full consultation with local residents, landowners, local interest groups and the appropriate Parish Council.

The following Conservation Area Character Appraisals are available to download:
Ashfield Terrace (PDF 649kb)
Bispham Green (PDF 950kb)
Briars Brook (PDF 34kb)
Fulwood Avenue / Douglas Avenue (PDF 2.99mb)
Garnett Lees (PDF 473kb)
Granville Park (PDF 1436kb)
Great Altcar (PDF 2257kb)
Halsall (PDF 1685kb)
Holt Green (PDF 1620kb)
Junction Lane (PDF 2.21mb)
Maltkiln Lane /Chorley Road (PDF 877kb)
Mill Lane (PDF 1823kb)
Lancaster Lane (PDF 2559kb)
Lathom Park (PDF 4494kb)
Newburgh (PDF 3879kb)
Ormskirk Town Centre (PDF 3786kb)
Pinfold (PDF 2324kb)
Plox Brow (PDF 2439kb)
Roby Mill (PDF 1263kb)
Ruff Lane (PDF 3133kb)
Rufford Park (PDF 1.70mb)
Scarisbrick Park (PDF 3435kb)
Sollom (PDF 819kb)
St Michael's Church (PDF 1657kb)
The Brow (PDF 2013kb)
Top Locks (PDF 3494kb)
Up Holland (PDF 2393kb)
West Tower (PDF 1524kb)




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