Tree and hedge planting grant scheme

The principal aim of the Tree and Hedge Planting scheme is to support the planting of new trees and hedges in conservation areas.

Grants are currently available in all 28 conservation areas and are subject to meeting terms and conditions (stated in the guidance notes, available to download):

What are grants available for?

  • The planting of new trees including orchard trees, of suitable species and stock size.
  • The planting of hedgerows, of suitable species.
  • The re-planting or re-stocking of lost sections or gaps within existing hedges.
  • The removal of inappropriate tree or hedge planting as part of a new planting scheme.
  • Grants cover the purchase of new trees/plants and any reasonable costs associated with their planting.
  • Tree or hedge planting which can be shown to benefit the long term character or appearance of the conservation area. These will in general terms be the traditional plant species that have been used in gardens, parkland and orchards for many decades.

How much is available?

The levels of grant indicated below are maximum levels and need not apply to all applications.

  • Grants of up to 50% are available on the costs of carrying out new tree or hedge planting.
  • The maximum grant per application, under the scheme, is £1000. Priority will be given to schemes which have the greatest benefit to the character and appearance of the conservation area.

How to apply

To apply please download and complete an application form and send it in to us at the address provided.