Tree preservation orders

A tree preservation order (TPO) is an order made by the council for trees and woodlands to stop the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or wilful destruction of protected trees or woodlands.

Trees can be protected either by a TPO or by being in a conservation area.

You can search by address to check for tree preservation orders anywhere in the borough. Should you require a copy of a TPO document, please email our Planning Support service at .

Permission to carry out work on protected treesTPO

If you want to carry out work on protected trees (including pruning, thinning or felling), you must apply to the council for permission. To do this you need to complete a TPO form.

You can:

So that your application can be properly understood, please provide a detailed description of the proposed works to each tree and of the reasons for making the application. The information we need includes:

location of trees to which this application relates work to be carried out - specifying exact operations eg felling, thinning, crown lifting etc  reasons for carrying out work preferred proposals for replacement planting, if applicable.

You can search a register of addresses to check if a property has applied to carry out work to protected trees.

Help and advice

If you want help or advice on appropriate works - or if you wish to discuss your application before submitting it - please contact Russell Critchley at to discuss.

If you would like to choose a tree contractor that has been vetted and approved by the council, please visit our approved arboricultural contractors page.

The tree care information section of the Trees Are Good website (external link) has lots of useful information about hiring an arborist, pruning mature and young trees, mature tree care, and insect and disease problems.