Planning charges

What are Land Charges?

Land Charges are any restrictions or legal obligations placed on a building or plot of land. Land Charge Searches form part of the conveyancing process when buying and selling a property and are designed to ensure that people buying properties are fully informed about any limitations or requirements.  

A Full Land Search is in two parts:

  • LLC1 deals with all the registerable charges, for example tree preservation orders, improvement grants, listed buildings and planning agreements.  
  • CON29 deals with issues such as road schemes, the planning history of the property and environmental matters.  

The land search is normally submitted by the purchaser's Solicitor/ Conveyancer. However, we also accept searches via the National Land Information Service (external link) and TM Group (external link). Searches can also be submitted directly to the Local Authority via with payment via cheque or via an account. Please contact the Land Charges section for information on applying for an account on 01695 583240.

Personal Search

A personal inspection of the Local Land Charges Register can be carried out by anyone . You may undertake a Personal Search by requesting to view our records via email.  You can search and view details of planning applications and building regulations submissions online using our Public Access system.  You can also view historic planning application records online.


  • Full Search (CON29 & LLC1): £80  
  • Short Search (LLC1 only): £18  
  • CON29: £62 - Fully Managed basis- these questions are also available individually. Questions can be submitted and returned electronically, contact us for more details.  
  • CON29 is also available to Personal Searchers via self inspection of published information and some via a managed service. Please contact the Land Charges manager for further details on 01695 585160 for a copy of the access document/submission template.   
  • The Council may be able to offer tailored fees for searches in bulk quantities. Tailored fees would be calculated on an individual basis depending on volumes, service and search options required. The Council offers a managed search service with payment on account for bulk customers. Tailored fees would be subject to the charging for searches rules and relevant regulations. For further details please contact the Land Charges Manager.  
  • Personal Search: No Charge
  • Optional enquiries (CON29O part 2s): £15 each  
  • Common land optional enquiry (No.22): £18  
  • Additional Enquiries (Non Standard): £14.40 each  
  • LLC1 Parcel Fees: £1 each
  • CON29 Parcel Fees: £13.20 each

Please note: these fees are in effect from 1 March 2017 and include a VAT element on all CON29 searches.