CIL Annual Reports

Borough Council CIL Reports

To make sure that the levy is open and transparent, charging authorities (the Council) must prepare short reports on the levy that give information for the previous financial year. The reports must be placed on the website by 31 December each year.

From December 2020, the annual report will take the form of an 'Infrastructure Funding Statement' and must report on both CIL and planning obligations. 

These reports will set out how much revenue from CIL and planning obligations has been received, what it has been spent on and how much is left.

Parish Council CIL Reports

Parish Councils must also provide an annual report of their neighbourhood receipts and expenditure. These should be published on the parish council websites. Links and copies may be published below, for the latest year, as they are available. 

Current reporting year 2021/22

These are required to be published by the Parish or Borough Council by 31 December 2022, and will be published when they are made available:

Previous reporting years