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How we spend CIL - Strategic funding

We have been collecting CIL since September 2014. Some of the monies we have received must be given to parish councils as the neighbourhood portion and some monies must be used on administration costs. However, the remainder will be available to spend on strategic projects across the borough. 80% of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies collected will be used to fund strategic infrastructure - these are the "big" items that we need to help support the growth of the borough.

The strategic monies can be spent anywhere in the borough, regardless of which area they came from. For example, as a result of new development we may decide a new leisure centre in Skelmersdale is needed, which will serve to help improve leisure opportunities for residents in Skelmersdale and the wider surrounding areas. The Borough Council is responsible for deciding what strategic projects are funded from CIL monies.

How will we prioritise which projects receive strategic funding?

We manage an Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (IDS) which lists all those projects identified as being necessary to support the delivery of the Local Plan.  Officers then assess all projects on the IDS, against a set of criteria, to prepare a shortlist of recommendations.  

Each year, we will prepare a document called the CIL Funding Programme (CFP). The CFP is a document which sets out the options as to how we can spend strategic CIL monies in the following financial year and recommends a number of short-listed projects for consideration. The draft CFP will go out to public consultation each year and you can tell us whether you agree or disagree with the shortlisted projects and any options for spending. The results of the public consultation are then used to prepare a final recommendation for funding which must then be approved by Cabinet.

Inclusion of a project on the IDS or R123 list does not guarantee the project will receive CIL funding. There is no deadline setting out how quickly the council must spend the strategic CIL monies. We can choose to "roll-over" available monies from year to year so that monies can build up to fund larger, more costlier schemes. 


2017 CIL Funding Programme (for 2018/19)

We consulted on the draft CIL Funding Programme for 2018/19 in October 2017. All comments we received were considered and helped inform the preparation of our final recommendations through the CIL Funding Programme. In January 2018, Cabinet approved the use of the following CIL monies:

  • £25,000 for Mere Sands Wood Visitor Centre Phase II
  • £60,000 for Chequer Lane Playing Field facilities
  • £40,000 for Whittle Drive Playing Field facilities
  • £300,000 towards the Tawd Valley Park Masterplan.



Previous CIL funding approved

2016/17 CIL Funding Programme (for 2017/18)

In January 2017, Cabinet approved:

  • Burscough Towpath improvements (£150,000)
  • Stanley Coronation Park improvements, Skelmersdale (£20,000)
  • Mere Sands Wood Visitor Centre Phase 1 (£3,000)


2015 CIL Funding Programme (for 2016/17)

In January 2016, Cabinet approved:

  • Skelmersdale allotments (£20,000)
  • Improvements to car parking at Station Approach, Ormskirk (£15,000)
  • Boardwalk at Haskayne Cutting Nature Reserve (£8,000)

Further information

If you require any further information, please contact the CIL Officer, using the contact details from the contact area of this page.