Submission and Examination of CIL

Submission and Examination of the Draft Charging Schedule  

In order to introduce a CIL charge for West Lancashire, we have gathered evidence and prepared documentation to inform the charge. To implement the CIL charge, all the information had to be examined and approved by an independent Planning Inspector, who also had to consider representations made on the Draft Charging Schedule during consultation. This is known as the 'submission' and 'examination' process.

CIL Examination

On 2 December 2013 we submitted the Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule, and all associated documents, to the Planning Inspectorate for 'examination'.  This is following consideration of all consultation responses received during the previous consultation stages as well as updated CIL guidance which was issued by the Government in April 2013 and proposed further regulation reforms published in October 2013. The full list of submission documents can be found towards the bottom of this page.

Appointment of Inspector and the Examination Hearings

The Secretary of State appointed Dr Pauleen Lane CBE FICE MBA as the Inspector who conducted the public examination on 5- 6 March 2014 at the Council Offices, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk, L39 2DF. The Inspector decided those matters to be examined.

The examination was administrated by an Independent Programme Officer, Tony Blackburn.

The Inspector's final report was published July 2014. It can be found below as EX.602. The Inspector approved the Charging Schedule subject to a recommendation to modify the schedule to include use class A5 (hot food takeaway) within the 'Food and Drink' category. The CIL Charging Schedule was then adopted on 23 July 2014 by Full Council. CIL will now come into effect from 1 September 2014.  View and download the adopted documents below.

 All the documents that formed part of the submission and examination can be found below. 

CIL Examination documents

All documents that form part of the examination will be published on these pages. Further documents will be added to the library as the Examination progresses. Interested parties are encouraged to view this page at regular intervals.

CIL Examination documents

Document title   Ref   Size  Format Date 
 Initial Questions from the Inspector to WLBC  EX.101  25kb  PDF  29/01/2014
 Press Notice (as published in the Champion 29-01-2014)  EX.102  19kb  PDF  29/01/2014
 Programme Officer letter to representors  EX.103a  26kb  PDF  03/03/2014
 CIL Examiners Notes for Hearings  EX.103b  27kb  PDF  30/01/2014
 CIL Examination Initial Questions  This is as document EX.101  EX.103c  12kb  PDF  27/01/2014
 Council responses to Initial Questions  Appendix 1 - Skelmersdale House Price Heat Map  Appendix 2 - New build residential comparables  Appendix 3 - Affordable housing permissions  Appendix 4 - WLBC IDS Update

 EX.104a  EX.104b  EX.104c  EX.104d  EX.104e

 47kb  73kb  230kb  8kb  50kb


 14/02/2014  14/02/2014  14/02/2014  14/02/2014  14/02/2014

 West Lancs CIL Hearing Agenda  EX.105  15kb  PDF  14/02/2014
 West Lancs Transport and Highways Draft Masterplan (added to support SBO.08)  EX.106  3.8mb  PDF  14/02/2014
 Firswood Road Draft Development Brief  EX.107  2.5mb  PDF  17/02/2014
 Grove Farm Draft Development Brief  EX.108  2.3mb  PDF  17/02/2014
 Yew Tree Farm Masterplan Options  EX.109  3.8mb  PDF  17/02/2014


CIL Examination documents - further statements from representors

Document title    Ref   Size Format Date 
 Firswood Road evidence (M Cunningham (D Gray), 13/01/2014)  EX.201  1.2mb


 CIL Statement of Position, M Cunningham  EX.202  67kb  PDF  17/02/2014
 CIL Statement, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (on behalf of Crompton Property  Developments)  EX.203  470kb  PDF  20/02/2014
 CIL Statement, Steven Abbott Associates  EX.204  34kb  PDF  20/02/2014
 CIL Statement, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (on behalf of Taylor  Wimpey)  Supporting document - appeal decision  EX.205a  EX.205b  595kb  207kb  PDF  PDF  20/02/2014  20/02/2014
 CIL Statement, Peter Brett Associates (on behalf of Bloor Homes)  EX.206  16kb  PDF  20/02/2014


Council responses to additional submissions  

Document title  Ref  Size Format Date
 WLBC Statement 1: The basis of the infrastructure plan EX.301 64kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 2: Response to EX.203 EX.302  30kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 3: Response to EX.205 (a)(b) EX.303a  44kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 3: Appendix 1 and 2 EX.303b  59kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 4: Response to EX.201 and EX.202 EX.304a  59kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 4: Appendix 1 EX.304b  11kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 5: Response to EX.206 EX.305a   59kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 5: Appendix 1 EX.305b  191kb PDF 28/02/2014
 WLBC Statement 5: Appendix 2 EX.305c  240kb PDF 28/02/2014


Documents submitted during the examination

Document title  Ref Size Format Date
 Council's opening statement EX.401  17kb PDF 05/03/2014
 Payments by installments - Amended Schedule EX.402  19kb    
 Infrastructure Evidence Note  Appendix 1(i) - information from WLBC Leisure (email)  Appendix 1(ii) - information from WLBC Leisure   Appendix 2 - Information from LCC (email)  

EX.403 EX.403a(i) EX.403a(ii) EX.403b

 28kb  45kb  467kb  59kb PDF PDF PDF PDF

05/03/2014 05/03/2014 05/03/2014 05/03/2014

 Central Lancashire CIL Inspectors Report EX.404  334kb PDF 05/03/2014
 WLBC Local Plan Inspector's Final Report EX.405  433kb PDF 05/03/2014
 Affordable housing on brownfield land update (WLBC) EX.406  40kb PDF 05/03/2014
 Housing Land Supply 2013 EX.407  720kb PDF 05/03/2014
Viability information from Keppie Massie: This information was received on a CD and due to the large number of files contained within it, can be viewed on request. EX408 - CD 27/03/2014


Documents submitted following Examination

Document title 

Ref Size Format Date
 Open Space SPD email to Council  EX.501  16kb PDF  11/4/2014
 Council response  EX.502  49kb PDF  11/4/2014
 Draft Open Space SPD


 367kb PDF



Inspector's Final Decision

Document title 

Ref Size Format Date
 Final report letter from PINS EX.601  70kb PDF 8/7/2014
 Final Examination Report EX.602  126kb PDF 8/7/2014 


CIL Submission documents

The council submitted a series of submission documents to the Planning Inspectorate for examination and these may be viewed below. We also submitted a total of 33 representations arising from the consultation which took place between 26 September and 8 November 2013. The representations can be viewed in the library below, as part of SBO.02 and SBO.06, along with all further evidence documents which were submitted.

Copies of the submission documents are also available to view at venues across the borough.

Document title   Ref  Size   Format  
 Covering letter to PINS  SBO.a  33kb  PDF
 Draft Charging Schedule  SBO.01  1.1mb  PDF
 Statement of Representations (Regulation 19)  SBO.02  243kb  PDF
 Statement of Modifications (Regulation 19(1)(d))  SBO.03  42kb  PDF
 Evidence to support Statement of Modifications  SBO.04  -  PDF
 Representations made on the Draft Charging Schedule  SBO.05  -  
 Representations made on the Draft Charging Schedule - Appendices  SBO.06  2.0mb  PDF
 CIL Justification Report  SBO.07  448kb  PDF
 Approach to CIL and S106 Report  SBO.08  40kb  PDF
 Draft Regulation 123 List  SBO.09  47kb  PDF
 Instalments and discretionary relief policy  SBO.10  32kb  PDF
 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS)  SBO.11  35kb  PDF
 PDCS - Consultation reports and summaries  SBO.12  370kb  PDF


Submission - supporting documents

As part of submission, a large number of documents were submitted in support. These can be found in the sections below.