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General information on CIL

CIL Progress in West Lancashire

There have been a number of stages in the preparation of CIL, which can be seen in the table below.

On 23 July 2014, following Examination by an independent Planning Inspector, the Council adopted CIL. It will now take effect from 1 September 2014, meaning that certain planning applications granted from this date may now be liable to pay a CIL charge.

CIL will be subject to annual monitoring and reporting.


  Stage   Action
 Completed   1  Prepare evidence base - viability assessment and infrastructure planning
 Completed  2  Prepare a preliminary draft charging schedule
 Completed  3  Consult on preliminary draft charging schedule - 6 weeks
 Completed  4  Pepare and publish report on consultation
 Completed Sep 2013  5  Prepare draft charging schedule
 Completed Sep 2013  6  Consult on draft charging schedule
 Completed Nov 2013  7  Assess responses and need for further modification
 Completed Dec 2013  8  Submit draft charging schedule for examination
 Completed Mar 2014  9  Organise and hold the examination
 Completed July 2014  10  Finalise and adopt the charging schedule
 Ongoing  11  Monitor implementation and publish annual report