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Neighbourhood planning

Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Public consultation is taking place on the Submission Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for 6 weeks from Wednesday 9 January to Wednesday 20 February 2019.  Comments are invited upon the content of the NP, and on its evidence base.

The Plan and its accompanying 'Key Diagram' (showing site designations and / or allocations) are available for viewing or downloading.

The Burscough Parish NP covers the period 2017-2027.  It is supported by a range of evidence that has been used to inform the preparation of the document, including a Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Paper copies of the Submission NP and its supporting documents and evidence can be viewed at the following venues during normal opening times during the period of public consultation:

  • Martland Mill, Mart Lane, Burscough (L40 0SD)
  • Burscough Library, Mill Lane, Burscough (L40 5TJ)
  • The Grove Community Centre, Station Approach, Burscough (L40 0RZ)
  • West Lancashire Borough Council offices, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk (L39 2DF)


How to give your views

The easiest way to give your comments on the Burscough NP is online.  Please use the link below:

(Please note: this link goes live on Wednesday 9 January.)

Alternatively, you can download a response form and return it to us using the address on the form or by email to localplan@westlancs.gov.uk

Paper copies of the response form can also be obtained from Martland Mill, Burscough Library, the Grove Community Centre, and WLBC offices, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk.

If you have any queries about commenting on the Neighbourhood Plan, please telephone 01695 585194 / 585393 to speak to a WLBC officer.


What Happens Next?

Following the close of public consultation on the Submission Burscough Parish NP on 20 February, Borough Council officers will collate the responses received and send them, along with the Submission NP and supporting evidence, to an independent Examiner for consideration and examination. The Examiner will consider whether the NP meets legal requirements and 'basic conditions' and will issue a report on it to the Parish Council and Borough Council, who must publish that report.

If the NP is satisfactory it can then proceed to a local referendum and if the majority of those who vote are in favour of the NP it can then be brought into legal force (this is called being 'made'). If the referendum outcome is favourable, the NP automatically becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area that it covers.


What is neighbourhood planning?

Neighbourhood planning is a way for communities to help decide the future of the places where they live and work. Communities will be able to choose where they want new development to go, have their say on what those buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided.

The Localism Act (2011) introduced the right for communities to prepare neighbourhood plans and established the Borough Council's responsibilities in that process. The Neighbourhood Planning Act (2017) extended those responsibilities further. The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations set out the procedure to be followed in preparing a neighbourhood plan.

A parish council or similar organisation leads on producing a neighbourhood plan, rather than the Borough Council. However, once a neighbourhood plan has reached an advanced stage of preparation, the body preparing it submits it to the Borough Council.  The  Borough Council is then responsible for taking the NP forward to completion (called being 'made').

So far, we have received just one application for a neighbourhood plan, from Burscough Parish Council. The Plan covers the Burscough Parish area.


Previous stages in preparing the Burscough NP

The first stage in preparing the Burscough NP was to identify the area that it would cover. West Lancashire Borough Council's Cabinet approved the boundary of the Burscough NP area on 11 November 2014. This followed a public consultation, and Cabinet considered comments from the community before it approved the proposal. The neighbourhood area is exactly the same as the Burscough Parish boundary.

After the neighbourhood area was identified, Burscough Parish Council prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with the local community, including residents and local businesses.  The Parish Council undertook formal public consultation on a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (called a pre-submission plan) for 8 weeks between 11 August and 6 October 2017. Subsequently, the Parish Council considered responses received to the consultation and made changes to the plan before producing the Submission Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan which is now being taken forward by the Borough Council.

Further information on the background to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on Burscough Parish Council's website (external link).


Further information

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