WLLP Examination


We submitted the West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 to the Secretary of State on 31 October 2012 for an Examination in Public (EiP) by a Planning Inspector. 

The tables and links below contain all the submission documents, as well as supporting documents for the Local Plan.  Further series of documents were added during the Examination.

A public Pre-Hearing Meeting took place on 19 December 2012. Notes of that meeting, together with other related papers, are contained within the series of documents EX.116a-f, listed below.

Examination Hearings were held between Tuesday 19 February 2013 and Thursday 7 March 2013 at the Investment Centre, Skelmersdale.

Submission documents

Title Ref number File type File size
 Letter for submission SB.101 PDF 67kb
 Statement of availability (submission) SB.102 PDF 164kb
 Notification letter to consultees SB.103 PDF 121kb
 Press notice SB.104 PDF 67kb
 Press release SB.105 PDF 41kb
 Published press release SB.105a PDF 843kb
 Consultation Statement Regulation 18 SB.106 PDF 448kb
 Publication Consultation Statement Regulation 20 SB.107 PDF 152kb
 Duty to co-operate - Statement of Compliance SB.108 PDF 1.4mb
 Duty to co-operate - Late replies to Statement of Compliance SB.108a PDF 88kb
 Soundness and Legal Compliance Self Assessment Toolkit SB.109 PDF 281kb

Download Representations Index

 Copies of all representations can be found in SB.110 (you can use the Index to help identify     names/numbers). The full versions of representations (including the attachments/supporting information) can be found using the external link to the Portal.  Use the Guidance Notes below to help you find your representation in the Portal. 

SB.110 was re-published on 8 November 2012 to reflect corrections to a number of representations where errors were discovered in the published version of SB.110.  This includes five representations previously corrected by document SB.110a (to address errors in the Council response to these representations). 








Ref Number File Type File size
Local Plan Publication
Local Plan Publication document



Local Plan Interactive Proposal Maps  LP.502  WEB  -
Sustainability Appraisal
Sustainability Appraisal Sustainability Appraisal - Non Technical Summary
Sustainability Appraisal - Full Report
Sustainability Appraisal - Appendices



 Habitats Regulation Assessment  LP.509  PDF  1.5mb
 Health Impact Assessment (HIA)  LP.505  PDF  101kb
 Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA)  LP.504  PDF  430kb
 Rural Proofing Report  LP.503  PDF  710kb
 Statement of Representation Procedure  CN.128  PDF  168kb
 Representation form - Editable  CN.127  PDF  78kb
 Guidance notes on completing the Representation form  CN.126  PDF  211kb


Title Ref Number File type File size
Local Development Scheme 2012 SB.202 PDF 598kb
Annual Monitoring Report 2011 SB.201 PDF 1.2mb
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) (2007) SB.203 PDF 660kb
SCI Addendum (2009) SB.204 PDF 45kb
Sustainable Community Strategy 2007-17 SB.205 PDF 2.8mb


Supporting documents

Due to the volume of the supporting documents, they are broken down into the following sections:

Documents submitted during the Examination

Documents submitted Prior to Hearings

Documents submitted by the Inspector and the Council, and items from the Programme Officer. Documents in this section run from EX.101 to EX.136.

Hearing Statements submitted

The hearing statements submitted by representors, and the Council, in response to the Inspector's questions can be found using the links below.

Documents submitted during the Examination Hearings

These documents run from EX.201 to EX.243b.

Further Statements arising from Inspector's invitations during the hearings

This section of the library includes responses to invitations as covered in other library entries numbered EX224a, EX230a, and EX231a.  These documents run from EX.301a to EX.310a.

Documents submitted following the close of the Hearings

These documents run from EX.401a to EX.413b. The Inspector's interim views on the Local Plan can be found in the EX.410 series, whilst the Cabinet papers can be found in the EX.413 series. All documents provided in this section were produced following the close of hearings (8 March) and the start of consultation on the Main Modifications (27 June).

Notes to the Hearings

Responses to consultation on revocation of Regional Strategy

See Programme Officer's email (Library item EX.406) for background details. The Council's response is within library document EX.407b.

Response to consultation on household projections

See Programme Officer's email (Library item EX.407c) for background details. The Council's response is within library document EX.407b.

Consultation on the Main Modifications

The Inspector set out his interim views on the modifications required to the policies which cover the strategic and land allocation aspects of the Local Plan, in order to make the Plan sound.  The Inspector's letter, and the accompanying documents, can be found in EX.410a to EX.410i.  In response to the Inspector's interim views, the Council prepared a series of Main and Minor Modifications to the Local Plan, which were approved by Council's Cabinet on 18 June 2013. Consultation on the Main Modifications ran for 6 weeks, from Thursday 27 June to Friday 9 August 2013.  All comments received were then passed to the Planning Inspector for his consideration.

The full library of consultation documents, representations received and correspondence can be found as EX.8 documents.


Press notices were placed in the local paper to notify of submission of the Local Plan, notification of the Pre-Hearing Meeting and hearing dates, and consultation on the Main Modifications.