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Documents submitted during the Examination (prior to hearings)

Documents submitted by the inspector and the council and items from the programme officer.

Title  Ref number  Author  Date 
 Appointment of Inspector to LPA                              EX.101  PINS  31-10-12
 Section 20 (7C) letter from WLBC to Inspector  EX.102  WLBC  31-10-12
 Letter from Programme Officer to Representors  EX.103  PO  14-11-12
 Inspector's initial questions to WLBC  EX.104  R Clews  06-12-12
 Letter from Programme Officer to Representors  EX.105a  PO  07-12-12
 Pre-Hearing Meeting Agenda  EX.105b  R Clews  07-12-12
 Directions to West Lancs Investment Centre  EX.105c  PO  07-12-12
 Directions to West Lancs Investment Centre (map)  EX.105d  PO  07-12-12
 Timetable of hearing sessions (Version 1)  EX.105e  R Clews  07-12-12
 WLLP Matters, issues and questions (Version 1)  EX.105f  R Clews  07-12-12
 Table A - Representors who wish to speak ar hearings  EX.105g  PO  07-12-12
 Table B - Representors who do NOT wish to speak  EX.105h  PO  07-12-12
 Representors Response Form  EX.105i  PO  07-12-12
 Inspector's Guidance Note (Version 1)  EX.105j  R Clews  07-12-12
 Press notice  EX.106/a  WLBC  10-12-12
 Press Release  EX.107  WLBC  10-12-12
 Published press release  EX.107a  WLBC  12-12-12
 Short note on Evidence of Legal Compliance for PHM  EX.108  WLBC  17-12-12
 Council Response to Inspector's Initial Questions  EX.109  WLBC  17-12-12
 Proposed minor modifications  EX.110b  WLBC  22-10-13
 Minor modifications update  EX.110c  WLBC  27--2-13
 Liverpool City Region Housing Strategy - Northern Housing Market Assessment  EX.111  GVA  17-12-12
 Lancashire Housing Market Assessments  EX.112  Nevin
 The definition of Housing Market Areas in the North West Region - Final Report  EX.113  Nevin
 West Lancashire SHMA Scoping Report  EX.114  Nevin
 DCLG 2008 Household Projections - detailed information for West Lancashire households  EX.115  WLBC  17-12-12
 Letter from Programme Officer to Participants  EX.116a  PO  21-12-12
 Notes of Pre-Hearing Meeting (19 December 2012)  EX.116b  PO  21-12-12
 WLLP Hearings Timetable (Version 2)  EX.116c  R Clews  21-12-12
 WLLP Inspector's Guidance Note (Version 2)  EX.116d  R Clews  21-12-12
 WLLP List of sites viewed  EX.116e  R Clews  21-12-12
 WLLP Matters, Issues and Questions (Version 2)  EX.116f  R Clews  21-12-12
 Email from Programme Officer to Representors 17-01-13  EX.117  PO  18-01-12
 Email correspondence on Minor/Main Modifications between WLBC and Inspector
 Attachment email at EX.118a



 R Clews

 Letter from Smiths Gore in relations to Parrs Lane, Aughton
 Report by White Young Green in relation to Parrs Lane, Aughton


 Representor  21-01-13
 Population and Household Projection Series, 2004-2001  EX.120  WLBC  25-01-13

 CIL draft Viability Assessment (Jan 2013)

 CIL draft Viability Assessment (Jan 2013) - Addendum


 WLBC  25-01-13
 SEA of the revocation of the NW Regional Strategy  EX.122  WLBC  25-01-13
 Submitted draft RSS Technical Appendix  EX.123  WLBC  25-01-13
 Main Modifications annex  EX.124a  WLBC  04-02-13
 Planning Committee 10-01-13 - Item 9  EX.125  WLBC  25-01-13
 Planning Committee 10-01-13 - Item 10  EX.126  WLBC  25-01-13
 PO Letter to representors 30-01-13  EX.127a  PO  31-01-13
 WLLP Hearings Timetable Version 3 - 30-01-13  EX.127b  PO  31-01-13
 WLLP Matters and Issues Questions Version 3 - 30-01-13  EX.127c  PO  31-01-13
 Correspondence from CLG - Household Projections  EX.128  CLG/WLBC  31-01-13
 Statement of Common Ground (between UU and WLBC)  EX.129  WLBC  25-01-13
 Letter from Rosie Cooper MP  EX.130a  R Cooper  01-02-13
 Correspondence with MP Rosie Cooper  EX.130b  PO  01-02-13
 Updated housing (affordable housing) trajectory  EX.131  WLBC  12-02-13
 WLLP Hearings Timetable Version 4 11-02-13  EX.132  R Clews  11-02-13
 Land at Firswood Road/Neverstitch Road (Matter4) Email  EX.133a  PO  14-02-13
 Land at Firswood Road/Neverstitch Road (Matter4) Plan  EX.133b  Representor  14-02-13
 Alternative scenarios for the Housing Trajectory - Email  EX.134a  PO  15-02-13
 Alternative scenarios for the Housing Trajectory - Tables  EX.134b  WLBC  15-02-13
 Alternative housing projections by scenario  EX.135  WLBC  18-02-13
 Interim Housing completions, April-December 2012  EX.136  WLBC  18-02-13