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Further Statements arising

Further statements arising from Inspector's invitations during the hearings

This section of the library includes responses to invitations as covered in other library entries numbered EX224a, EX230a, and EX231a.


Title Ref Number Author Date
 Email to PO from Howard Courtley 1 March 2013  EX. 301a  Courtley Consultants Ltd  11-03-2013
 Email to PO from Howard Courtley 6 March 2013  EX. 301b  Courtley Consultants Ltd  11-03-2013
 Email from Aughton Residents Group  EX. 302a  Aughton Residents Group  15-03-2013
 Addendum to email from Aughton Residents Group  EX. 302b  Aughton Residents Group
 Email from Aughton Residents Group (Aughton Parish Council)  EX. 302c  Aughton Residents Group
 (Aughton Parish Council)
 Annex to statement HS.197-04  EX. 303  South Lathom Residents Association  15-03-2013
 Annex to statement HS.254-04  EX. 304  Wainhomes (Emery Planning Partnership)  15-03-2013
 Annex to statement HS.254-08  EX. 305  Wainhomes (Emery Planning Partnership)  15-03-2013
 Annex to statement HS.254-14  EX. 306  Wainhomes (Emery Planning Partnership)  15-03-2013
 Further statement in response to United Utilities statement of 15 March 2013  EX. 307  Turley Associates  18-03-2013
 Aughton Village East - email to PO from Christie McDonald  EX. 308  Christie McDonald attaching statement from Ian Forbes  18-03-2013
 Matter 8(aa) additional statement  EX. 309  Barratt David Wilson Homes  18-03-2013
 Guinea Hall Lane, Banks - Representations  EX. 310  David Walton  18-03-2013
 Guinea Hall Lane, Banks - Annex  EX. 310a  David Walton  18-03-2013