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Street naming and numbering

For many organisations - such as Royal Mail, the emergency services, utility companies - it is crucial that there is an efficient means of locating and referencing properties. As such, the Council is required to provide a street naming and numbering service.  

What we do

Responsibility for street naming and numbering rests with the Street Naming and Numbering Officer and the GIS and LLPG Technician. They ensure that all properties are named and numbered according to 'BS7666', which ensures that any new streets and buildings are named and numbered in a logical and consistent way and are entered in the correct format on the Council’s system.

Changes to a registered address and new developments

You are required to register a new property, building, or address, including changing an existing address, via our street naming and numbering service. To apply for a new address, including street names, you should either complete the online form or fill in an application form and return it to us at the address provided on the form, together with the relevant application fee. For new streets, we also require a copy of a site plan; this is used to indicate the correct postal numbering and location of street name plates. Suggestions for street names should be submitted in accordance with the guidance notes.

A copy of the site plan is available from Centremaps at Freephone 0800 328 8975 or by accessing the Centremaps website (external link). Alternatively, a copy is available from the Planning Portal (external link).

You can apply online by using our street naming and numbering online form or by downloading a copy of the application form (PDF 81kb) and posting it to us at the address on the form. Also available for download are: 

 The approval process

Once we have received the proposals for a new street name, we consult with Royal Mail, the Council's Ward Members, Portfolio Holder and, where applicable, the Parish Council. We allow a period of 21 days for any comments or objections to be made.

Once a new postal address or street name has been allocated, we will contact Royal Mail who are responsible for the allocation of postcodes. Royal Mail will not allocate a postcode until they have received formal notification from ourselves of a new street name or address.

On receipt of the postcode, we will then inform the developer or occupier as appropriate. We will also inform other interested parties of the new address or street name. These include the emergency services, other Council departments, and other organisations.

Any queries regarding postcodes can be dealt with by Royal Mail by calling 0906 302 1222 (Postcode Enquiries), or via the Royal Mail (external link) website.

Change of property name

If your property has a name instead of a postal number and you wish to change the name, you will need approval. This is to make sure that the Local Land and Property Gazetteer is kept up to date and to ensure that the guidance for street naming is followed. It also ensures that properties in the same area don't have the same name, in order to avoid confusion for the emergency services and Royal Mail.

Houses with postal numbers and names

If your property has a postal number and you want to give it a name as well, you do not need approval; however, it is advisable to check with us in case there are any other properties with the same name in the area. Replacing a postal number with a name will not be approved as this causes confusion for postal deliveries and the emergency services.

You can display the name on your property and use it alongside the postal number in the address, but your property will always be identified by the number.

Data Protection - How the personal information you provide will be handled by us

In order to process your Street Naming and Numbering application we require some personal data from you, for example your name and contact details. The personal data you have provided will be used as part of the Council's statutory duty to provide street names and address properties. If you do not provide the information we cannot process your application.

For further information on how we handle your personal data, please see the Street Naming and Numbering Privacy Notice on our Website at http://www.westlancs.gov.uk/planning/planning-privacy-notices.aspx hard copies of which are available on request.

A full copy of our Data Protection Policy which explains how we administer, process and store your data can be viewed and downloaded from our Website.


For further information on street naming and numbering please contact:

Catherine Gallagher, Planning Support Officer
Tel: 01695 585081
Email: catherine.gallagher@westlancs.gov.uk

Karen Macdonald, Senior Planning Support & Technical Officer
Tel: 01695 585054
Email: karen.macdonald@westlancs.gov.uk

For GIS and Land & Property Gazetteer information please contact:

Martin Butterfield, GIS and LLPG Technician
Email: martin.butterfield@westlancs.gov.uk
Tel: 01695 585273