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Refuse & recycling

We collect household waste and materials for recycling from every house in West Lancashire. Household waste is collected one week, and recycling the next.

Find your collection dates

Find your collection dates and download a copy of your 2016 collection calendar by typing your postcode, street or house name into the 'Your West Lancashire' panel on this page.

Please leave your bins and/or boxes at your normal collection point by 7.00am, and take them back to your property after they have been emptied.

Missed bin collection

If you wish to report a missed collection, please note that this can only be done from 6pm on the day your collection should have taken place. Before reporting a missed bin, please check your bin collection day, you can do this by putting your address into the ‘Your West Lancashire' panel on this page.

Recycling update – aluminium foil

You can now recycle clean aluminium foil, and foil food containers and foil trays, in your blue bin or blue box. But please wash them first and make sure they are clean.

Need a new wheelie bin?

If one or more of your wheelie bins has been stolen, lost or damaged, or if you have moved into a property that does not have any bins, a charge of £23 will be made for each replacement bin. (Please note that there is no charge for new blue bags.)

If you are the first occupier of a newly-built property and are requesting the first set of bins for that property, these will be issued free of charge. Please note that if you need to request replacement bins after the first set have been delivered, these will be chargeable.