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Garden waste collections - your questions answered

When will the change happen?

From 5 June 2017, a charge will be introduced for the collection of garden waste from households in West Lancashire.

How do I sign up and pay for the service?

You can pay by debit or credit card. There is a small charge for payment by credit card.

When can I sign up and pay?

You can sign up and pay from 19 April 2017. If you sign up before 15 May 2017 there will be no interruption to your service.

Do I need to sign up now, or can I sign up later in the year?

If you sign up and pay part way through the year, the cost is the same.

How much does it cost?

£30 each year for one bin to be emptied. There are no concessions. The charge is the same for everyone.

What if I decide not to sign up and pay?

From 5 June 2017, your green bin will no longer be emptied. the green bin can remain at your property as you, or a future householder, may decide to sign up to the service at a later date.

Can I have more than one green bin emptied?

Yes. You can have more than one green bin emptied, at a charge of £25 per year for each additional bin. If you don't already have the green bins that you need, you will need to buy them from the Council at a cost of £23 each. You can buy bins online when you sign up and pay for the collection service.

If I buy additional bins, when will they be delivered?

If you place your order on Monday or Tuesday,  or on Wednesday before 12 noon, delivery will take place on the Friday of the same week. If you place your order on Wednesday after 12 noon, on Thursday or Friday, delivery will take place on the following Friday.

Can I share a bin with my neighbour?

Yes, but one household will need to sign up and pay.

I need help to present my bin. Can I have an assisted collection?

Assisted collections are available depending on your circumstances. You can request an assisted collection online: Ask for assistance with your collection

Can I get a refund?

When you sign up you then have a 14 day period when you can change your mind and get a refund. After this period, no refunds will be given.

What happens if I move house?

The bin must be left at the property you are moving from. Payment for the garden waste service relates to the property and is not transferrable. if you move to another property in West Lancs where no payment has been made, you will have to sign up and pay at your new address if you want to receive the service. If you move to a property where payment for the service has already been made, you will receive the collection service for the remainder of the subscription period.

Is there any other way to dispose of garden waste?

You can take your garden waste to the household waste recycling centres at Glenburn Road, Skelmersdale and Abbey Lane, Burscough. You could also compost garden waste at home.

Can I put out garden waste in other containers for you to collect?

You can only use green wheelie bins supplied by the Council. We will not empty any other type of containers.

Will my collection day change?

There are no changes to the day of collection at present. Collections will still be made every two weeks. Garden waste collections are suspended around the Christmas and new year period. To check your collection day, type your address or post code into the "Your West Lancashire" panel on this page.

How will the collectors know who has paid for garden waste collections?

When you sign up and pay, we will send you an information pack with a subscription sticker for each bin you have paid for. If bins don't have stickers, they won't be emptied.

What happens if my bin isn't emptied?

Your bin may not be emptied if it contains the wrong items, is too heavy or the subscription sticker isn't visible. If this happens, we will put a label on the bin to let you know.  If you have met all the collection conditions and we fail to collect, please report the missed collection. Report a missed collection  online.

Do I get a refund if the Council fails to empty my bin?

No refunds will be given.

I have a gardener - what should they do?

A gardener should take the garden waste away and dispose of it as commercial waste as part of the service they provide to you.