Councillors' code of conduct


The council encourages a high level of commitment to the highest standards of conduct and excellent ethical standards in local government.

When borough and parish councillors are elected they sign up to a code of conduct which covers matters such a:

  • promoting equality
  • treating others with respect
  • not improperly seeking an advantage or disadvantage
  • following appropriate advice
  • declaring pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests
  • registering and declaring disclosable pecuniary interests including gifts and hospitality.  

The code is in place to protect all residents of West Lancashire, to ensure that they are fairly represented by their local councillors. All borough and parish councillors agree to undertake their work in accordance with the code.   Special workshops are held for all councillors to help them understand the code and comply fully with its requirements and obligations.  

Find out more on the Guidance to Member's Code of Conduct

Standards Committee

As part of our commitment to high ethical standards, a Standards Committee has been established.  

The committee looks at new ideas to make sure that the council continues to develop best practice at borough and parish council level. It has a proactive work programme to strengthen and encourage practical initiatives, and it is hoped that this, will help to ensure that local government standards in West Lancashire are second to none.

The code of conduct

The Code of Conduct forms part of the Council's Constitution.

Copies can also be obtained from Member Services at 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk L39 2DF.

If you wish to complain about the conduct of the member of West Lancashire Borough Council or a member of one of our Parish Councils visit our complaining about a councillor page.