Council tenants and Universal Credit

Updating your Housing Costs


On the 6th April 2024 Council tenants who receive Universal credit will need to update their housing costs.  This needs to be done by completing a to-do called 'Confirm your housing costs' on your Universal Credit Claim.  This cannot be successfully done before  6th April 2024.  If you do this to-do prior to 6th April 2024 it will not update your rent and you will then need to do a new change in circumstances regarding your rent but not before 6th April 2024.  For screen shots of the to-do click here.

Universal Credit (UC) includes a payment to cover your rent, so you are responsible for making sure that your rent is paid with the money you receive.  

When you have claimed UC it is important that you tell the income team. We will then:

  • confirm with you the housing element of your UC to make sure it is correct
  • agree how you will make your rent payments and on what date
  • Complete a financial health check, if you want one, to make sure you are able to manage your finances on a monthly basis
  • Offer support in relation to other benefits available

If you require a three month rent statement to support your claim, please get in touch. You can text 'rent statement' to 07786 204730, clearly stating your name and address, or complete the online rent statement request form.

Housing costs paid direct to your landlord

It is possible to have your UC housing costs entitlement paid straight to your landlord if you have vulnerabilities and need support to pay your rent.  If your payments are made direct to us, from the 21st September 2020 the way we receive your UC housing cost payments will change.

Your UC payment towards your rent will be paid to the council and into your rent account on the date you get your monthly payment.

Example: Mr Bloggs receives his UC award on the 10th of the month.  The council will receive the housing cost payment for the rent on the 10th of the month.

This change has been introduced to improve the payment process and communications between UC, the tenant and the council.  This is a national change.

Please note: UC housing cost payments might not cover your full rent.  It is your responsibility to ensure any top up payments are made to cover your full rent.


If you would like further advice please contact the rents team. If you want help with your claim we can also offer to visit you at home and complete a claim with you. To book an appointment or for more information contact us on:

Tel: 01695 585252

You will also find a range of information on our help and money advice page.