Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG)

The West Lancashire Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) enables key agencies to work together to look at safety issues for any public events taking place in the borough. The aim is to provide event organisers with support and guidance to ensure that any events are carried out safely and successfully with consideration for the wider community.

Who is on the group?

The Event Safety Advisory Group consists of a number of agencies that work to maintain and enhance public safety:

  • West Lancashire Borough Council 
  • Lancashire Constabulary (Police) 
  • Lancashire County Council Highways 
  • North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust 
  • Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service 

How the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) works

If you’re planning an event to which the public are invited, the Council’s Licensing Service is your first point of contact. Initial notification of an event will be forwarded onto the ESAG for review. We advise that you submit your documentation as early as possible to ensure each ESAG member has time to respond.

We ask all event organisers to submit the following:

  • Notification to the Council’s Licensing Service within the timescale stated in the event organisers’ guide (download below) and before publicly announcing the event. 
  • Submit event risk assessments (see event organisers’ guide) 
  • An event management plan (download below) 
  • A site plan 
  • Details of any stewarding arrangements 
  • A copy of the event's insurance certificate. 

Once the event notification information is submitted, we will:

  • Circulate to ESAG members for information and possible action 
  • Members of ESAG may sometimes require further information, however, a formal meeting is not normally required unless one or more proposed events are large-scale and present significant potential risks to the public 
  • If formal licences or approvals are required for the event, the event organiser will be advised accordingly. 

Advice for planning and organising an event

If you’re organising an event, there are a number of responsibilities placed upon you as the organiser. It’s your responsibility to exercise control of the event and ensure all reasonable precautions are taken to maintain the safety of people at the event.

The following pointers should help you in your event planning.

  • Create a planning timetable including key dates 
  • Identify a team of people to help plan, organise and run the event, who can take responsibility for public safety 
  • Be clear about what you can achieve on your budget 
  • Carry out a risk assessment to ensure public safety 
  • Consider whether your event will cause disruption to traffic 
  • Consider whether your event will require a licence 

ESAG has produced two documents to help you organise your event:

Guide for event organisers

The guide gives an overview of the responsibilities and requirements of the event organiser. It outlines the documentation you’re required to submit to support your application and gives the required time scales for notifying the Council of your event.

Event safety management plan

If you're organising a large event, you must complete the event safety management plan. However, for smaller events it’s still good practice to complete the plan - the plan is scalable and should be developed as applicable. Not all the sections may apply to your event.

Further information

Contact details

The Council’s Licensing Service will act as the gateway into the Event Safety Advisory Group, as well as providing details of any licensing requirements. Initial notification should be sent to:

Licensing service, Robert Hodge Centre, Stanley Way, Skelmersdale WN8 8EE
Tel: 01695 585015
Email: licensing.enquiries@westlancs.gov.uk