Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG)

The Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) provides event organisers with a single point of contact to liaise with key agencies in reviewing safety arrangements for events in the West Lancashire Borough Council area. The ultimate aim of the group is to help enable event organisers to plan safe and successful events. 

Who is on the group?

The Event Safety Advisory Group consists of a number of agencies that work to maintain and enhance public safety including:

  • West Lancashire Borough Council 
  • Lancashire Constabulary (Police) 
  • Lancashire County Council Highways 
  • North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust 
  • Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service 

How the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) works

Early Notification

If you’re planning an event to which the public are invited, we advise that you complete our ESAG Notification Form as soon as possible and submit by email to events@westlancs.gov.uk . This early notification document will be shared with the ESAG members for review and for feedback to the event organiser if necessary. Event organisers should follow the timescales and guidance set out in the 'Guide for Event Organisers' document below and make sure that there is enough time to safely plan the event. 

Planning the Event

We appreciate how much work and time goes into planning an event and there is a range of guidance below to help you develop your plans. The most common problem for event organisers is not leaving enough times to develop plans. Seeking early advice from ESAG will help resolve any problems early.

Further to the ESAG notification, we encourage that event organisers share further information and documentation with ESAG as soon as it is available to events@westlancs.gov.uk. Documentation may include:

  • Health and safety risk assessments 
  • An event management plan (download below) 
  • A site plan 
  • Details of any stewarding arrangements 
  • A copy of the event's insurance certificate.  

What to Expect from ESAG

Members of ESAG may sometimes require further information (usually by email), however, a formal meeting is not normally required unless one or more proposed events are large-scale and present significant potential risks to the public.

ESAG will not grant or deny permission for the running of an event, but the individual members of the group may have separate powers to impose requirements or restrictions if the group is not satisfied that risks will be adequately controlled.

If the event is being held on Council land formal permission will be required from the Council before the event goes ahead, we will need the documents listed above and you may also need to comply with further requirements, e.g. relevant contract clauses.

Other licenses, approvals or permissions may be legally required for the event and you will need to apply for these separately to the ESAG process. For example, an alcohol license, food business registration or road closure. If you are not sure what permissions you need, please ask ESAG for guidance and we will try to help. 

Advice on planning and organising an event

If you’re organising an event, there are a number of responsibilities placed upon you as the organiser. It’s your responsibility to exercise control of the event and ensure all reasonable precautions are taken to maintain the safety of people at the event.

The following pointers should help you in your event planning.

  • Create a planning timetable including key dates 
  • Identify a team of people to help plan, organise and run the event, who can take responsibility for public safety 
  • Be clear about what you can achieve on your budget 
  • Carry out a risk assessment to ensure public safety 
  • Consider whether your event will cause disruption to traffic 
  • Consider whether your event will require a licence 

ESAG has produced two documents to help you organise your event:

The guide gives an overview of the responsibilities and requirements of the event organiser. It outlines the documentation you’re required to submit to support your application and gives the required time scales for notifying the Council of your event.

If you're organising a large event, you must complete an event safety management plan. However, for smaller events it’s still good practice to complete the plan - the plan is scalable and should be developed as applicable. Not all the sections may apply to your event.

Further information

Contact details

The Event Safety Advisory Group can be contacted on:
Email: events@westlancs.gov.uk

Tel: 01695 577177