Request for a Public Parade/Procession on the Highway

When should you contact us

If you are planning to organise a public event such as a walking day parade, school procession or Remembrance Day Parade, you need to contact West Lancashire Borough Council as soon as you start making plans, or at least 12 weeks prior to the proposed event.  Further information relating to planning events can be found at Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) - West Lancashire Borough Council (

If you require a road closure to facilitate your event you may need to engage the services of a Traffic Management Company, who will provide advice and will supply a Traffic Management Plan which should be submitted with your proposal. 

How to Apply

Please email your proposal to including a copy of your event management plan, traffic management plan and proposed route (if you intend to close the road). We will also require copies of your risk assessment and public liability insurance up to the value of at least 5 million.

As part of the ESAG process we consult with Lancashire County Council (the Highway Authority) to ensure that your event does not conflict with any other event or planned works along the route. Under section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, West Lancashire Borough Council can produce an order that will give direction to accredited Traffic Management providers to manage and direct traffic for the duration of the event.   West Lancashire Borough Council will only make an order if the Highway Authority has no objections, all events will be considered on an individual basis.   

There is currently no charge for this service; however, this could be subject to change in the future.

Orders made