Nobody likes to see litter dropped. It costs more than £1 million a year to clear it up - and most of it is dropped by local people. We can all help by asking children, family and friends not to drop litter.

What we're doing to tackle litter

West Lancashire has an Environmental Enforcement Team who look out for littering and fly tipping across the Borough. The officers provide a daily uniformed patrol across the Borough.

Our Environmental Enforcement Officers can issue £100 fixed penalty notices for offences like dropping cigarettes and chewing gum or dropping litter in the street or from cars. They can also issue £60 fixed penalty notices for putting bin bags out too early or in the wrong place. The money generated from the fixed penalty notices is ploughed back into litter prevention initiatives in the borough. 

How to report a litter issue

If you would like to report a litter bin/dog bin that is damaged or needs emptying, please submit a litter/dog bin request.

If you would like to report a road or pavement that needs sweeping, please submit a road and pavement sweeping request.

Data protection is important to us. Information on how we handle and protect your data including our Corporate Privacy Policy can be found here.

Clean-up campaigns and educational talks

Environmental Enforcement Officers visit schools and community groups to give talks as part of our commitment to teaching local people about the importance of handling litter responsibly. If you are interested in arranging a talk, please contact the Environmental Enforcement Team on 01695 577177.

We can also help voluntary groups, schools and parish councils with small-scale, local environmental campaigns. Contact Street Scene Services on 01695 577177 for further details.

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