Pest Control for your Home


We are currently experiencing high demand for our pest control services. Waiting times are therefore longer than expected at this time of year. 

When you book with West Lancashire Borough Council you can be assured of a discrete and competitively priced service by skilled technicians.

Once we have undertaken a consultation you can then decide if you would like the Council to treat the problem at a competitive treatment cost.

Our domestic service charges are:

  • A one-off non-refundable charge of £41.21 is made for each of our pest control services.
  • A 50% discount is available for rat and mouse treatments for households that are in receipt of either housing or council tax benefit. The total cost of the concessionary treatment is therefore £20.60. Please note that our technician will need to see proof of your benefit claim at the time of treatment.

Our technician will only treat your property if it is safe to do so. We conduct a risk assessment for each and every property we visit, which takes account of any issues that may affect safety of you, your family, your pets or the wider environment. When you book online you will receive advice about the treatment. It is important that you follow in these instructions carefully to help our technician to carry out the treatment quickly and also increases the chance that the treatment will be successful first time.

Book and pay for a pest control treatment

The Pest Control team are now safely able to treat pest problems on your property. Book and pay for a treatment online.

Before booking please read the below information:

We have taken all precautions to protect our customers and staff, so if you request a treatment, we will make sure to keep our visits as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Please do not approach our technicians and maintain a suitable social distance.
  • Any discussions following the treatment will done at a social distance or over the phone. 
  • Please follow all instructions provided by our technician.
  • If you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 at any point in the previous 14 days, it is very important that you let us know. Our technician will call you before visiting your property to make sure you are still able to accept treatment. We reserve the right to refuse treatment if customers are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

This situation will be under constant review with the aim that we will be returning to our full service once it is entirely safe for both residents and our team to do so.

We ask that you please book this service online and only call to book an appointment if you are unable to use our online facilities. 


Visiting your home to treat Pests

We aim to successfully treat most insect pest problems in only one visit, but if the treatment is not successful, you can call us for a further treatment free of charge within 21 days.

However, if you have rodent pests, our technicians will need to conduct further visits to ensure the treatment is successful. Once we have carried out the initial visit, additional appointments will be arranged at your convenience. At the end of the treatment we endeavour to remove all unused rodenticide to ensure this is disposed of correctly and not left.

Bee control

The Council does not routinely undertake treatments to kill bees. However, our technicians may be able to relocate the bees or provide you with advice at the time of our visit if we are unable to relocate them. Our ability to relocate the bees will depend upon the species of bee and where they are located. Please note that we are unable to relocate or treat bees where they are within the fabric of a building, as this may need structural building work to expose the insects.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of seasonal requests we receive, we are unable to provide specialist advice over the phone to help you to identify if you have a bee problem before our technician visits your property. However, advice on identification and contacts for local bee removal services can be found from the National Beekeepers Association (external link)

We would ask that customers consider this when booking an appointment for the control of bees as pest control charges are not refundable should we not be able to solve your bee problem for whatever reason.


Data protection is important to us. Information on how we handle and protect your data including our Corporate Privacy Policy can be found here.